"Dan White Jr. is a distinctly prophetic voice in the church today. He is calling us all to a life beyond our standard cultural obsessions. He is awakening us to rootedness that abides in Jesus and shapes us for healing presence in the world. Dan has a wondrous gift of translating God's profound mission to ordinary, everyday, Christians."

  • Jen pollock Michel /// author

    As Dan White, Jr., has aptly diagnosed, we cannot heal our divides until we’ve confessed our fears—cannot overcome fear until we’ve committed to love. With fascinating cultural artifacts and compelling biblical arguments, Dan enriches our imagination for love, not as sentiment, but as embodied patient practice. He is a careful guide in moving us beyond “Us” and “Them” into our reconciling role as the people of God.

  • Efrem smith /// author and speaker

    "Dan White Jr. is touching the deepest yearnings of our generation. Instead of offering trendy relevance, he is offering us hope, by calling us to a sacrificial kind of Iove for our neighbors and our neighborhoods. Dan paints a breathtaking picture of brothers and sisters, entering the world, with the enemy-love of God."

  • bruxy cavey /// author and pastor

    Dan White Jr is disrupting our deep tendency to be polarized against each other, while offering us a unique path forward toward healing. His message is so timely, highly practical, and hope-filled. Dan is helping the church keep it's eyes on the life of Jesus, he's relentless about this, and it's a real gift to all God's people.

  • michael frost /// Author & activist

    "Dan is an inspiring and practical guide through the terrain of our culture. He is an incredible resource for the church in helping us root deeply in Christ in a restless and frenzied world."


    "Dan uses his sage wisdom and grounded experience to help the People of God better reflect the tangible work of living in community and being a genuine disciple of Jesus."

  • mandy smith /// AUTHOR AND pastor

    "So much of what is offered to Christians these days are just tips and better techniques. But Dan is offering us an authentic path of transformation. This is hard work but he is a tender guide for helping us become whole persons again—those who are rooted in love and diving deeper into God's grand mission."

  • Tim Soerens /// AUTHOR & placemaker

    "If you want to see the world through a radically different lens and recover the vision of how ordinary Christians working together in the neighborhood can become the greatest hope for change in these fractured and fragmented times, then Dan is your guide." 

  • David manafo /// Pastor

    “We so appreciated Dan’s ministry at our church-wide retreat. His messages to us were both exceptionally deep and genuinely accessible. He had a wonderfully warm posture in his teaching style. There was an immediate connection he developed with our community. I would recommend his teaching or writing widely for many local communities to benefit from.”