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I am available for weekend workshops, itinerant/inspirational speaking, retreats or leadership brainstorm sessions. I am passionate about igniting the imagination for mission and equipping for sustainable practices.

Some requested topics:

  • Missional Church (What is it?)
  • Neighborhood Rhythms for Ordinary People
  • Re-imagining the Kingdom of God on Earth
  • Subterranean Living (a missional way of life)
  • Centering Discipleship in your Church
  • Cultivating Communities on Mission
  • Communal Rhythms for Ordinary People
  • Dialogical Preaching and Teaching
  • Practices of the Shared-Table

What you can expect:

  • Diligent preparation for your context and ministry setting
  • Fluid response to your needs
  • Customization for your context
  • Simple, Drawable Tools for better retention
  • Fresh material from missional planting and 15+ years of pastoral ministry
  • Dynamic and practical communication
  • As sense of humor
  • Raw and Real accessibility.

For Booking: danwhite.jr@gmail.com