Hillsong and the Baptism of Pop-Culture

00Recently GQ published a well written article titled “What Would Cool Jesus Do?” The article chronicled Taffy Brodesser-Akner as she shadowed Justin Bieber and Carl Lentz (pastor). Read it here> http://www.gq.com/story/inside-hillsong-church-of-justin-bieber-kevin-durant The cresendo of the piece is the emotional whirlwind baptism of the Biebs. Justin has a genuine conversion experience when he gets on his knees and he cries, “I want to know Jesus”. The moment of conversion I found endearing and authentic. My critique of the themes in this article are not with “Did Justin Bieber get saved?”, “Are people at Hillsong type churches Christian’s?”. This is a realm I don’t want to tread on, as I’ve seen God’s spirit show up in the stodgiest of places and the most progressive of places. I’m no judge of what happened in the heart of young Bieber. The logical knee-jerk argument often tossed about whenever one critiques a church like Hillsong is “but God is using them”. I’m not interested in the ‘ends justify the means’ type of conversation. We too often emphasize the most obvious, pragmatic cultural signs of success. Albert Einstein said, “That which counts is often the most difficult to count.” I’ve found this to be true. Our location in a […]