00There is a strong propensity in Christian culture to over spiritualize.  I sometimes use the term “over-spiritualize” to define interpreting events in our life that exceed their intended meaning, or when an event is over-compensated with implications that God had orchestrated it. As a follower of Jesus, it is tempting sometimes to find a profound spiritual meaning in something that moved me emotionally.  While there is certainly a spiritual nature to everything, sometimes we forget God made us as emotional beings so we feel deeply because we are made human, not because of divine intervention.  In some ways we are afraid of not making something spiritual because we feel the need to legitimize the events or happenings in our ongoing life.  We want our experiences to be important, really important.  We fear not having an important life.  Sometimes the desire to live a life that matters can be the trigger for over-spiritualizing. In other ways we have an over developed understanding of God’s sovereignty.   We think He’s personally intervening all the time.  If God is intervening in our stuff all the time we paint a picture of a God who is obsessed with the minutia of “my life” as […]

Leading From a Still Soul

00 Leadership is often viewed by the masses as an opportunity to move people in a certain direction or to accomplish a certain task with a group. The end goal is often about being productive. Within the church that productivity translates into equipping people to do the work of the ministry. As a leader inside the organized church for the last decade there is a sly temptation upon my soul. You see, being a visionary and a strategist I want to see us climb mountains, grow stuff, step over blockades and mission new frontiers but the temptation to lead and respond from a dark place in my soul is always there. With people comes opposition, negative feedback, vision confusion, obstinate attitudes, slowness in retention and straight up personal critique. These often feel like arrows at our identity, our mission, our calling and our leadership proficiency. So the natural tendency is to steamroll over people who voice concern or to demonize them in our mind as “against us”. It’s easy to see people who slow us down or call our methods into question as obstacles in the way of the mission. That’s why I’m slightly (emphasis on slightly) uncomfortable with using […]