00Our leadership community just took a good look at the story of Nehemiah, his vision and how it relates to planting Axiom Church in Syracuse, NY. The story in Nehemiah is about an Old Testament Church. That might sound odd but Nehemiah is about a Jewish assembly, their leader and their dream of a city. This book foreshadows and hints at the establishment of a future new assembly that spiritually rebuilds cities for the testimony and dwelling of King Jesus. The ethos of the church did exist in the Old Testament because theologically speaking, the heart of what it means to be a church, is to be God’s covenant people rebuilding God’s world. Even the Septuagint, the Jewish translation of the Hebrew Bible uses the word “qahal” to refer to the remnant in Nehemiah which is translated “the congregation of God’s people.” This book is essentially Nehemiah’s personal journal as he followed through with a vision God laid on his heart. In verse 1 Nehemiah hears the news of the broken down city walls. We noticed that Nehemiah did not immediately get into gear and act on this burden and vision to rebuild the city. Instead he heard the news […]