Being Missional Without Being A Healthy Community?

00 God’s desire to seek out lost people and to usher renewal into broken places is all over the narrative of Scripture.  The recovery of the Missio Dei as core to the formation of the church is more than healthy, it’s essential.  Preaching and teaching missional language immediately stirs up energy.  Honestly, being a missional church gets you a bit of buzz amongst the disenfranchised church going crowd.  But I’ve observed a bit of a blind spot when it comes to the missional conversation. Can people go on mission without simultaneously working through what healthy community looks, feels and functions like?  One of the major contentions of Post-Christians in our city (Syracuse) is that life as a Christian doesn’t necessarily make you a better person.  The typical perception by the 96%* in our city that don’t care to go to church and are unimpressed by our strides to be relevant is, Christians aren’t better humans than Non-Christians.  I would dare to agree with them for the most part.  This perception whether it’s completely or partially accurate is our street-cred.  It’s incredibly important for church leaders and their people to embrace self-awareness that our way of life is not envied by […]