How Do I Live Into A Missional Community When I Don’t Like People?

00 I mean come on, have you really been around people lately? They talk too much, they get excited about stuff they never follow through on, they talk smack about other people without trying to look like they’re talking smack, they are narcissistic so they subtly manipulate conversations back to themselves, they spend their money on dumb stuff then grumble about having no money, the raise their kids in wacky ways, they vote for the wrong politicians, they try to talk intelligently about things they’ve barely studied, they are poor listeners, they are undisciplined with their time and then they complain they have no time, they are all about “doing justice” but then can’t unplug from their computer to actually do it, they are too conservative, they are way too liberal, they are easily offended and then avoid conflict by avoiding you.   Seriously, I could go on for days but I probably shouldn’t.    People are hard to like and if you’re honest we all have bouts where we don’t like people much.  This is a daily and weekly reality of forming a missional community, but very few like to be honest about it.  It’s hard to like each other.  […]