The Missional Minimum: The Roof

00 Next door to my family is a boarded up abandoned house, they’re all over our city. At one point this house next door towered as a beautiful stoic home; now it’s’ a wreck, rotted and dilapidated. In the last year it’s had a guest (they call them squatters in our neighborhood). This house guest has been mowing the lawn, working on the exterior, genuinely trying to take care of it. I’ve become friends with our guest. He loves this broken down house, loves it. He knows about all its unique architecture and history. But the major problem with the house, despite its vintage qualities is that the roof is like swiss cheese. When it rains the house floods on every floor. Mold is creeping throughout because of the steady stream of water. He wants this house so desperately that I fear he might start moving furniture in. My concern is that until this place gets a new roof everything on the inside gets rotted and ruined.   The Furniture Figuratively, I’ve watched this ruininghappen on the missional frontier. In the last 10 years I’ve met hundreds of people who have left the faith. Over a drink, a few tears and […]