Subterranean: Why the Future of the Church is Rootedness


“Dan White Jr has penned a well-written, distinctly prophetic book on incarnational mission.  In it he boldly calls us to a life beyond our standard cultural obsessions with success to a faithfulness that is rendered through rootedness, slow abiding, faithful presence and humble service. Subterranean is an insightful and welcomed voice for the future church in the West.” 

ALAN HIRSCH, Author, The Forgotten Ways

“For too long the church has caved into the desires of a world addicted to self-destructive speed and geographic displacement. But no longer says Dan Jr. God is seeking to re-place his people, to invite us into the radical act of stopping in a never-ceasing world, to be deeply rooted, to be witnesses to a new community surrendered to the way of Jesus. This inspiring and practical guide will help us all in this monumental endeavor.” 

MICHAEL FROST, Author, Incarnate

“Want a sneak peak into the future of the Church in North America? Read this book! Better yet, want to join in this bold new future? Join with others and create local practices as inspired by this incredible resource. Rooted in courageous practice, Dan White Jr has written a pioneering, on-the-ground guide that pinpoints the cancerous defaults of the contemporary Church while also casting a hopeful vision for how we can all join in God’s abundant future.”

TIM SOERENS, Co-Author, The New Parish

“The bias toward up is powerful in church culture. As leaders, we want to be up-and-comers and eventually at the top. If our grand vision isn’t realized, we give over to anxiety, pull up our stakes and move on. In this laser sharp book, Dan White Jr makes an impassioned case for down. “Up-rootedness” abstracts us, but “rootedness” —in community, in a place and in the unfolding work of God is the truly radical trajectory for the church. In our current times it’s difficult to imagine a more needed message than the one offered in Subterranean.”

JOHN PATTISON, Co-Author, Slow Church

“When it comes to church, the rules have all changed and we’re searching for new ways to be the church. In Subterranean, Dan Jr flips everything on its head. He exposes the contradictions in the “up-rooted” ambitions of any Christian leader who seeks to be the next great celebrated personality.  Dan Jr provides us with a radical pathway for being the rooted church. What makes Subterranean unique is its big imagination but also its immersion into tools for the trek ahead. Let Dan unsettle you and invite you into a new world where the incarnation of God in Christ becomes our daily orientation for being the church.”

DAVID E. FITCH, Author, Faithful Presence