Dan Jr. co-leads a developing network of communities in the urban neighborhoods of Syracuse, NY.  After being a full-time pastor for 15 years his family along with 4 other families moved into the city to pioneer a discipleship-centered, mission-oriented, community-shaped, neighborhood-rooted approach to being the church.

Dan Jr. works as a consultant and missional coach with the V3 Movement. V3 trains, plants, and seeds missional expressions throughout the country. http://thev3movement.org/

Dan Jr. co-founded the Praxis Gathering. Praxis is an annual gathering of 200+ on-the-ground missional practitioners who are living innovative and incarnational ways of being the church.  http://thepraxisgathering.com/

Featured as a contributor at The Christian Post, The Missional Times, Next Generation Church Leader, Outreach Magazine, Jesus Creed, Church Leaders Magazine and the Huffington Post.

Features as a speaker and presenter at the Sentralized Conference, the Inhabit Conference, the Missio Alliance Gathering and various other conferences.

Book 1: Subterranean: Why the Future of the Church is Rootedness. ~ Cascade Books

Book 2: Church as Movement ~ Intervarsity Press (Forthcoming September 2016)